Disposable Face Mouth Masks
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Disposable Face Mouth Masks

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Can wearing our face mask or our Kouzhao protect you from the new coronavirus?

Yes, as well as you wear the correct one, and wear it correctly.

People wearing these medical masks should dispose of them after each use and clean your hands more often, especially you are back from outdoors.

Why choose this one?

  • It has 3 layers, which builts a strong defense to protect your safety and still feel comfortable on your skin.  
  • This disposable medical face mask is made of non-woven fiber fabric, and they are comfortable for all head sizes, breathable, soft and skin-friendly.
  • They are effective in protecting against germs, dust and air pollution, protect you against getting cold, new coronavirus.
  •  Applicable for most outdoors and indoors activities, without worrying it to loose down or getting uncomfortable while breathing.

Actual item photo:  20pcs/pack