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L8star led lights on amazon led strip lights party lights

A lot of people are wanting to get LED lights for a long to add a pop of color to their rooms.

Have you ever experiencing that buying a different light strip to put on the tv, unfortunately, it was too short as you miscalculated the diameter. Thankfully we found this set which works perfectly because there are a couple of things we wanted to add lights to.

We wanted to just do my gaming set up first but I think it is starting to become an addiction. So far, I have my tv done, along with the entertainment table that sits under it (on the outside and inside). I am going to be ordering some more soon because I also want to do my make up vanity table (I double the table for where I play on my gaming laptop, it has red lights so the whole area turns red and looks great) and behind the headboard of my bed. I might do the perimeter of my ceilings as well. The adhesive used on the strip sticks really well, I had to redo a piece and it stuck like new. I really like the fact that it gives you the capability to cut the strand if it’s too long.

No one wants a random string of light hanging down. Honestly, what you do with these lights is almost kind of unlimited. We have a hot tub under our deck so I might put some down there and check out how well they stand up to the outdoors. Unlike the first set of lights I bought, this one comes with a controller. It comes with a few basic settings like on and off, a few simple colors, speed control, and brightness and dimming. I like that I don’t have to go onto the app to turn the lights off. The app is hands down amazing. Honestly, my favorite setting is the alarm. I can sleep through any noises but if I see light, I am up. It really helps me not sleep through my alarms so I make it to class on time. In case I fall asleep without turning the lights off, I also have it set up to turn off at a certain time.

The app is also really easy to use. You can set it up into groups so lights one, two, and three will be the same and four and five-act together. I love using the color wheel option because it gives you a lot of control. The app is the same as the previous light strand I had so I can still use it. Needless to say, the old strand isn’t nearly as bright as the new ones. The fact that I can also set up the lights to go with music is pretty cool too, especially if you have a lot of parties. Here is the one I buy on amazon and recommend you to try.


Overall, these lights from L8star/Kiko were a great buy. They really bring a room together and you can make it your own, whether it's for the gaming set up or just to give the party a little more life. The price is pretty great for all that you get. I definitely will be buying more of this exact brand. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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