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If you are looking for a fitness watch that looks like Apple but not as expensive as it, then L8star fitness watch B1 is the wise one you can choose.

It offers all features that a fitness watch does. You can enjoy lots of sports, such as tracking your fitness progress, reading texts/ calls, setting alarms/reminders. One of the highlights is its powerful battery life, you can get nearly 60 days with your regular use.

Some users will mention more about user experiences on a fitness watch.

Lots of fitness watches spread in the market, the good and the bad are intermingled.

Customers make complaints on screen not clear, not easy to use, features are so complicated and not user friendly. Tracks are not accurate, easy to get out of power, always got disconnected.

L8star does well on it. Step counters are very accurate, very responsive to arm/body motion, as they use fine sensors, and the formula they use to count steps is very becoming more mature, as they have been accumulating more years in the fitness watch industry.

After reading the instruction manual, and start the watch, you will find the screen is easy to navigate. When you use it the first time, download the app (flagfit 2.0), you will be asked to give permissions for the app/location/call logs, which some of the users don't like it, while in their declaration, users are safe for this. If you are still afraid, then you can just give permissions to location and call logs, and a good point is you don't need to make an account to use all the app's features.

L8star also declares that their fitness watch reaches to IP67 waterproof standard, which also means, you don't need to take off the watch while you are taking a shower. For safety reasons, we will recommend you not to wear it to swim.

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