Gift Idea: Mini Phone L8star BM70

L8star mini phones mini mobile phone mini phone

Think of a good gift idea?

How about a small mobile phone? Yes?  then you need some nice and quality ones.

This mini phone L8star BM70 is as small as your thumb, 6.2 x 2.4 x 1.17 cm, looks like a mini Nokia, a memory of old Nokia or Blackberry keyboard time. What a masterpiece for private collection!

L8star bm70 is a standalone tiny mobile phone by which you can:

  • Make and receive calls, SMS.
  • Synchronize SMS list, Call record, phone book of your mobile phone.
  • Play with your voice with the voice changer inside.
  • Keep it as a secret collection.
  • Insert one Nano SIM card
  • Great battery timing

Get Low radiations as compare to larger mobile phone

Good for You and Your kids

It's a way to replace the smart modern life with internet.  L8star BM70 gives you a calm and peaceful life and allows you to focus on your real goals instead of spending a lot of time on social media.

These mobiles are good for kids because they're not going to be distracted by different apps and keep their focus on the real thing they're learning.

Why not having one?

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